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Who aRe y.o.u.? Calling, Purpose. #seven.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I have been listening to Christmas music for several weeks now and love it so much. Time for a heart-to-heart talk, Friends. In the early months of the pandemic, I went back to writing Morning Briefings five days a week because we all needed hope, courage and strength from God’s Word and growing our connection to the Lord. Early on, fear was palpable in many a setting, many a conversation; hopefully, most of us are now forging our way as we hold tightly to the hand of God for daily direction, realizing always that He is in control. (I am going to drop back to 3 days a week)


We find ourselves in Acts chapters 23 and 24, where Paul is on trial, but continues to stand strong due in part because he was doing exactly what God called him to do. Paul knew his purpose and he would go to any length and endure any hardship to live it out.

Do you know your purpose, my friend? My purpose includes sharing the magnanimous love of God by teaching from the Word of God via print and podcast, in person at retreats and conferences, the occasional pulpit, and Facebook livestream each Thursday, too. Since July of 2008, I have been writing Morning Briefings - initially for two businessmen, eventually going to 146 countries with thousands of subscribers. Much of my writing is archived at; “Morning Briefings”, click “Archives”, then “Bible Teaching” and the various topics and books of the Bible will populate… thousands of briefings for your encouragement. Why did I call them Morning Briefings? Because it was my highest desire that we start our days with God -- in the Word and in prayer. That great pairing grows our relationship with the Almighty and strengthens us in body, soul, mind and spirit.

Purpose. Paul. Ah yes . . . I am capitalizing on Paul’s passionate living out of purpose to encourage you to be doing the same thing! Our purpose, our calling has no expiration date; we do not age out, though our assignment may change shape in different seasons. The following is something I devised to do an inventory of gifts and talents as well as struggles or current tough conditions/disadvantages - to interview self about strengths and experiences with hardship, that when offered to God, he can and will use---you see, our purpose will always bring glory to God and encourage others along in their journey. And when we walk in it, we will feel his pleasure and our own great satisfaction. I never lose sight of Eric Lidell and his statement: when I run, I feel God’s pleasure.

~>for it is God who works in you

to will and to act in order to

fulfill his good purpose.

Philippians 2.13

Discerning God’s Unique Purpose for You! Created in God’s image, created to love …

Christine DiGiacomo – Fall, 2021 ... you have a unique purpose

You are purposed to love, purposed to serve … Mark 12.30-31

Print this out and interview yourself!

Vocation/past jobs

various roles/responsibilities you fill:


What things do you do well?

(Not sure? What do others say you do well?)

What do you enjoy doing? What do you dream of doing?

What was your child’s play?

Talent(s) Learned?

What battles have you fought? (trials you have been through)

Who are you serving besides yourself or your family?

sometimes your destiny emerges from your history…let’s dig a bit:

Storms weathered ~ Joseph: Genesis 37-50

Defining Moments ~

Disciplines practiced ~

Disadvantages ~

Spiritual Gift(s) ~

Print this out. Consider. Evaluate. Bless God by using your hammer!!

All of this, any of this ~ all of life and in the next life too, it is because of

With great love and affection,


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