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Helping Hands

Dear Friends,

If you wish to give to the ministry of, which sends the Word of God throughout the world, three days a week, 52 weeks a year, to 143 countries, for the purpose of growing individuals toward God (including teachers and leaders for their 'people'), it is so greatly appreciated. It is my deepest intention to keep all access to the daily Morning Briefings free of charge, as well as the archives of such, on the books of James, Luke, Acts, Galatians, other topical studies, and whatever the current study entails.

The monthly giving to PastorWoman Corp. goes to support the ministries of, this website which is updated daily, and toward overall promotion of the Word throughout the world.

Whether or not you choose to contribute monetarily, please pray that the Gospel goes forth and accomplishes all that God has in mind... that it leads people closer to him, and to his purposes for them.

Thank you for your faith and support.

— Christine

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