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Memorial Services & Funerals

I love funerals! Sound macabre? Not to me.

This arena of ministry is very special to me, because the death of a loved one presents a unique opportunity for ‘ministers’ to really love people. Folks need a loving individual to guide them through the service or funeral, help with the obituary and other details, and most importantly, honor their loved one well. I have written many obituaries, conducted a wide variety of funerals—scattering ashes at sea, open-casket church funerals, mausoleum-site interment, graveside services, and beach memorials, to name a few.

A creative, God-honoring service, designed specifically for the deceased person is a beautiful and intimate thing… It is a time we can point people to Heaven, their true destiny, and offer them the hope of the Lord. Click here for a downloadable form for obituary information, which will enable you or me to write a loving obituary, and place it in appropriate newspapers.

It is my desire to honor God through memorial care, and accordingly, fees for services are nominal.

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