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Who is Christine?

Christine DiGiacomo recently became a citizen of the Eastern seaboard, after being a lifelong Californian.  She loves the adventure of being a sold-out believer in Jesus Christ, loves the intricacies and delights of the Bible and has taught it to high school athletes, homeless street people and gang members, businessmen, women and children of all ages for more than 30 years.  Since 2008 she has been a corporate pastor to an international company for whom she started writing daily Bible studies and sending via email five days a week.  Dubbed “Morning Briefings,” they include podcasts and are sent to more than a hundred countries throughout the world--including those for whom it is illegal to own a Bible.


Fulfilling a life-long desire to walk where Jesus walked in 2016, Christine has since led her own teaching tours to Israel, where the Bible literally comes alive!  In April of 2024, she will lead a Footsteps of Paul tour as well.  Christine is a wife to Dean, mother of four mostly-grown children, grandmother of five, who recently moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina.  Christine is the author of two books: Morning Briefings and Hello, God.  It’s Me - a daily journey into prayer.  When she is not studying or writing, she is gardening or workout out, enjoying her six hens and two dogs.  You can find Christine at, reach her at, join her Morning Briefings group on Facebook or follow her on Instagram at ChristineDJock.  

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