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The Best Christmas Letter!

click the link to listen to podcast: Christmas cards are arriving in the mail daily.  It is fun to see family pictures and read any updates of happenings throughout the year in Christmas letters.  Can you imagine opening today's mail and getting a Christmas letter from Jesus?  Maybe he would write something like this: Dear child,                                                                                                                              A blessed Christmas time to you! Just as the townspeople of Bethlehem missed my birth all those years ago, it would be easy for you to go through Christmas and miss me, too.  But I'm anxious to give you joy unspeakable  and full of glory, like the old song says.  Oh, I know the way is rough for some of you--Christmas without your dear one, and everything seems so unsure . . . family splintered, seemingly at odds . . . take heart, you are not alone, Child. I am as near to you as you will let me be,                                                                    and I am for you. Come to me, and I will give you rest.1   Peace I give you--not like the world's, though--let not your heart be troubled,2 dear one.  Consider my gifts to you this Christmas, and you will find yourself blessed indeed! Ah, Child, just in case you were wondering . . . those were strange sensations I experienced, born of Mary, that night so long ago; remember, before this, I had only known Godhood.   To take on the form of a crying child was most unusual indeed, but I did it for you.   I came a long way to bring a new way ~ to bring salvation to my people.  Nothing prepared me for the pain I experienced on Calvary.  Worse than the physical pain was when my Father turned his back on me, as I bore all of the sin of mankind, past and present, in my being.  I had never known such isolation or loneliness. If you were the only one ever born, I would have done it just for you.  And you know the story didn't end there--I did what I said I would do--I awakened from the dead, and defeated the grave.  You serve a living God! And then, when I departed Palestine's soil, I sent you a Comforter--the Holy Spirit. Do you sense the Holy Spirit's presence in you, and at work around you?  Enjoy the Holy Spirit, Child.  He is a gift! 'Want to really know me?  I give you the gift of my words--the Holy Scriptures. Read the words of the prophets, the inspired words of the poet, David--read the words I spoke.  You will find wisdom, instruction, inspiration, correction, truth, and words of life.   I have another gift for you, Connie, Kaye, Chris, _______; it is relationship that you can experience-the one that exists between those who call themselves mine.  Some call it koinonia ~ fellowship, and the world knows nothing like it.  If you are not experiencing it, you are missing out.  ~>>>I am a simple prayer away; just invite me into your life to forgive your sins - make you clean and new, to lead and guide you.   Finally, at Christmas time this year, I give you the (possibility of the) gift of contentment~ it is okay to rest in the "enough".  There is freedom in living in the enough, and relishing with gratitude the very gift of life.   These are just some of my gifts to you this year-                          peace,                                                                                                 salvation,                                                                                             a living Savior,                                                                                     the Holy Spirit                                                                                       Scripture,                                                                                           the special relationships you have with other Christians,                           and contentment-                  all because it is my desire to bless you. May this be a blessed Christmas for you,   Enjoy it! Jesus p.s.  I love you 1 - Matthew 11.28-29 2 - John 14.27

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