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Tell them what you have experienced. 

John #51


One backward glance before leaving John chapter nine . . . ‘you know the man who Jesus healed, the one He gave eyesight?  The guy could not keep it to himself; he had to share his great news, stating simply what he knew to be true:   this one thing I know--I was blind, but now I see.1

Simple. Profound. Powerful.  He shared what he had experienced.  No one could deny or rebut his testimony - his experience.

We saw the same sort of thing when the Samaritan woman met Jesus at the well, then ran back into her town with an invitation, ‘Come, meet the man who told me everything about me!’2 And wonder of wonder, people came and met Jesus.  She influenced them because like the blind man, she told what she had experienced. 

Among Jesus’ last words, he said, ‘…be my witnesses.’A witness tells what he has seen or experienced.  So I must ask you--has Jesus given you peace?  I pray so!  I pray that you have received the unparalleled peace Jesus offers.  And here’s the thing, when you know who holds the future, you can release the death-grip you have on your life.  Tell someone who is struggling to make sense of life about the peace you’ve found; go ahead, tell them what you have experienced.

In my last Morning Briefing I talked about ‘Jesus saying yes to you’ [] ~ I hope you found hope and joy in that truth.  I will have to say one of the greatest joys in my life is being with folks when they say ‘yes’ to Jesus.  And knowing that I have helped them secure their eternity with God and a relationship with him is so profoundly meaningful!  Usually it is simply describing what you have experienced in Jesus Christ that influences them to examine his life, the gospel, the evidence for the resurrection and the truth of the Bible.  

"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?"4 Someone like you.

Tell them what you have experienced… that they may know him.


1 - John 9.25

2 - John chapter four

3 - Acts 1.8

4 - Romans 10.14

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