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Keeping it real - stain remover and Jesus...?

My boys played baseball – all three of them; my daughter played softball. Besides keeping score and cheering—well, I washed their uniforms. Who in the world thought white baseball pants was a good idea? Have you ever tried to scrub that red clay-like infield dirt out of white pants? And then one day, my sister in law Janet told me about SoiLove stain remover … a lifesaver. Phew, I found it a few weeks ago at the Dollar Tree here in North Carolina, and promptly told a young man doing his household’s shopping that he should not go home without it – he did not. [Hang with me here to see where I am going.] In my last briefing, I posited that if we were all showing the love of Christ—and I mean demonstrably--we could change the world. While I have shared with many my great appreciation for SoiLove, let’s be serious – there isn’t any stain remover that is going to affect anyone’s eternity or peace and joy in this life, except Jesus. Part of the reason I call the Christian life the greatest adventure ever is that striking up meaningful conversations with people wherever I am in the world is not just interesting, but life giving. The fellow I mentioned in “What if we did this?” hails from South Africa, but I had a great conversation with a young woman the other day right here. I had an appointment at the Apple store – could my laptop be saved? Funny thing, it had not been right for more than a year and half, since my vehicle slipped into reverse, dragged me down the driveway and ran over us – my laptop and me. Yes, my laptop had been in my right hand. Scraped and dented, it still worked, though the keys and touchpad were not right. But now it had crashed. [that crazy 'only God' story? Nothing Short of Miraculous,] Well into the appointment, the tech asked me about the data I was trying to retrieve, and how important it was. “It is my writing and podcasts,” I explained. There it was. “What do you write?” [Smiley-face emoji here.] In short order, after she had asked me several questions, it came right to ask her if she had any kind of faith. ‘Like do you believe in God?” I asked. ‘No … I know there is something, I just don’t know what or who,’ she responded. ‘I read the Bible some as a child, but not in a long time.’ And then she told me she had moved away from her family in South Florida, spends a lot of time alone and it has been rough. (an opportunity to show authentic compassion - because I could really relate!) As our conversation came to a natural sweet conclusion, I asked her if she prays. “No, I never have.” “May I make a suggestion?” I asked. “Yes, please,” the response. “Maybe you could pray and say, ‘Lord, I do not know if you are real, but if you are, could you show me?’ And he will. No harm, no foul, right?” “Yeah, I could do that,” I gave her my business card with my phone number should she ever want to reach out and talk more. The takeaway – like so many people – she is turned off by the Church. Raised by a Catholic dad and Protestant mother, and yet she has never prayed. Wait, what? How in the world is that possible? And yet it is. I pray that my gentle questions, comments and friendliness were attractive to Mya. I did not force anything on her; we just had a back and forth of real-life conversation. I pray my simple prompt may cause her to look up: “God, if you’re real… if you’re there… would you show me?” Jesus said, By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13.35. Love truly matters. Let's think about it. . . if I am happy to share SoiLove with strangers, why wouldn’t I introduce them to the Love they have been looking for all their lives? Why wouldn't I tell someone who is searching for water where she can find the well? In the 70s we sang a song 'They'll know we are Christians by our love' . . . it is still true today. The Commission: song and video peek at Jesus - with love, Christine

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