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Here’s what you said on “Who is God to you?"

have you given it any thought?

Who is God to you? Coming to you from Boston . . . Danny graduates from college today! Twas my question I asked in my last briefing even as we just opened the letter Paul wrote to the Ephesians. Grace and Peace from God our Father... Wait, what? Who is this God...who is he to you? I asked. - last briefing on this topic, in case you missed it.

A few hours later came this unexpected reply: God is a glorious paradox, as outlined in your very eloquent “yet/but” list. Who but God would let us choose to be the chosen? Who but God speaks chaos into perfect order? Who but God is both the beginning and end who turns death into life? Who but God gives us breath so we can “make all things new” just by telling of Him? He is master of all time and space, the uncreated One who was and is and is to come. He is the answer to every question. He is all that we are not. He is nearer to us than we are to ourselves. [This next part gets personal, but because some of you know this boy of mine, I thought to include it. Plus, it screams loudly of things I have felt from North Carolinians about my moving here from California. Altogether, it makes me smile.] Best of all, He [God] has a great sense of humor. Who but God would show up in my rearview mirror as my groceries were being loaded by a young man named Matthew who couldn’t give me directions because he’s from California. Not at my best, I was thinking PLEASE God, Wake County cannot handle an influx of Californians to drown out your people at the ballot box. We need a turn-around, not a turn-into. And that’s when your very gentlemanly, thoughtful, kind-hearted son smiled from out of the blue and said, “You should check out I have a feeling you’d love my mother.” And he was right. The next thing I knew he was offering to try to find help for my depressed and discouraged brother-in-law in California. . . from Nigeria – God is my Father, my Lord, my Friend and Master. He loves me more anything in d world! He cares about me and wants me to have and live abundant life. And here are some of the rest­­ God is my Father, my friend, my light. He is who I think about on every decision I make, good or bad. He stirs my heart to be like his son Jesus & to become a teachable person. I want to please my God. He is my blanket of love & security, & when I peak out, he holds my hand & guides my steps. He is truly my strength. God is that empty space that's now filled. God patiently waits for me to arrive at each new level of awareness and then he meets me with his brilliance and knowledge. He is my calm and my peace. He is all. God is purely good, in my longing for goodness and purity in a fallen world, I can always rest in the only truly good thing, God. He settles my angst. God is my strength, my comfort and my peace. He is that soft place to fall! In that He gives me the comfort and love I need... It seems trite to answer that question by quoting the Bible or breaking into song lyrics about who God is-- doesn't seem heart felt. Without using the typical responses, it is hard to answer. I'll try: God is the only one that lives in my mind and heart everyday forever that truly knows me (thoughts, motives, sins...). A constant source of strength, compassion, wisdom, joy... Always with me and for me. He is good and I can trust Him even when I am lost in my head .If I turn down the volume on God or cut off his spirit- he never leaves me or ceases to work on my behalf. He loves me more than I can comprehend. He is my compass. He is an example of true loving kindness and mercy!!! He is my comforter, my healer, my strength, and friend. God is my hope for today and my hope for tomorrow. He alone is completely trustworthy and that knowledge affords me a peace that truly does pass all understanding. I think God can hardly wait to surprise me with Himself and all He has to give me on that day when I step over the threshold and enter His presence. I just LOVE surprise parties and I know with absolute assurance that the biggest, greatest, surprise party that will absolutely blow our minds awaits us and, if we could only begin to grasp just a piece of all He has in store for us, we would be living every moment filled with the kind of joy about which Scripture speaks. And the final offering, answering the question, ‘Who is God to you?’ Well, first of all, He is my LORD. Because He is my LORD He is also my Savior (which He would not be if I didn't acknowledge His Lordship). But, simply (to answer your not so simple question), I see Him in His creation, especially His people ... and I just love, love, love thinking about how amazing He is as I contemplate a flower, a lady bug, a leaf, the rain, falling snow, a newborn's cry, listen to the chirping of a bird ... I could go on and on. Wasn't it interesting to hear others' thoughts and experiences of God? We glean so much from one another. I pray you keep pursuing God every day ~ I pray this over you May the favor of the Lord rest upon you . . . Amen. Psalm 90.17 A Thousand Hallelujahs is what he is owed! Christine

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