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Believe God for a MiRaCle! (Danny #2)

Good Day.  In order to see God do a miracle in our lives, we have to NEED one!  Some of us are in great need of a miracle right now, and I believe in a God who is powerful and involved enough in our lives to do the miraculous. I have seen and experienced it with my own eyes--in my family, in my  2-­year-­old son                           

who we very nearly  lost due to kidney failure.   [You can read the first part  of this in the previous posting:] Danny was in ICU, awaiting a needle biopsy on his kidney to determine cause, prognosis and treatment for the kidney failure, when doctors came to tell us he had a bleeding disorder as well. If he had a needle biopsy, he could bleed to death before it could be stopped; so he would have to have an open renal biopsy. I will never forget that long agonizing night in the hospital, holding him as he slept, with iv's in arms and legs. What was to happen to him?   Well, MANY people were praying, and God was listening. The next morning, Danny was taken into surgery, and a piece of the kidney was extracted for analysis. We had our first miracle--­­the blood was tested, and the doctor came to say, 'this is unusual, but the bleeding disorder does not present'­­ meaning it was not there; the von Willebrand Disease was removed from our plate of trials. Then, the second miracle--­­he lost only a 1/2 teaspoon of blood; shocking, since the concern was that he would 'bleed out' on the operating table. And then . . . well, we waited for a diagnosis and all that was to follow. I remember holding Danny through the night ­­getting out my Bible ­­looking up verses to cling to­­,                               verses to stand on, I never doubted  that God was in control. I never  doubted that his heart toward us  was good, ­­but dog­gone-­it, I was going  to hold him at his word . . . that the  effective prayer of a righteous  person avails much!! "Oh, God, come  and save my baby!" I prayed and pleaded. The day after surgery, we were once again sent home--­­no diagnosis, prognosis, etc., with the best we could hope for being a transplant. The kidney tissue was sent out for extensive testing, and days later, the answers finally came. Danny did indeed have a kidney disorder--­­no, three disorders! The Israeli­-trained nephrologist told me that, 'well, this case has been most unusual from the start.' He had an infection that had gone to his kidneys (post­ infectious nephritis), an allergic reaction to the Zithromax, and he had A.T.N. (Acute Tubular Necrosis--­­4 in 10,000 people). But, listen to this...­­all three were REVERSIBLE, would leave NO LASTING DAMAGE, and would require NO FURTHER TREATMENT. "What?!" I cried, "Dr. Ben­Nezzer, I would like to think God has done a miracle!" Silence.  And then she said, "I would say you are 100 percent correct."  The next day, I took Danny back to CHOC to see Dr. B-E; the first thing she said was,                       "Did you tell your praying friends that God has done a miracle?" Oh, of course, I                         had, and I did, over and over again... just like now. When we tell of the miracles of God, it builds our faith! I learned a few things in the school of miracles: miracles aren't necessarily immediate. It would be another few months before all of Danny's symptoms were gone, but at a six-­month check, he got a clean bill of health. Praise God! And now, at 21, a junior at  Suffolk University in Boston, Danny is  the picture of health and vigor; he is funny as all get out, ­­ and we simply adore him. 

Friend, are you scared? Or do you need a miracle? Stand on the verse that I did that night so long ago: Let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God There we will receive his mercy,  and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.  Hebrews 4.16, NLT After Danny's miracle, my faith was GREATLY increased; I became impassioned with what God wanted to do in, for, and through his people by his great power, which is available to all who believe ... Amen and Amen.  I told God I would go,      I would tell others, and          I would also pray for the miracle others needed.               And I have, for almost 20 years now. For what do you need a miracle, Friend? To overcome fear? Defeat sickness? Believe for breakthrough in darkness or addiction? Go boldly to your gracious God...where you will find grace and mercy. Believing with you and for you for your miracle, Christine 

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