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Are you ignorant about this topic? Jesus, not another like him, number thirty-two

Jesus not silent on this topic - he hit it head on.

“World War III? Ukraine... threats at Israel borders"

“Jesus is coming back any day!"

“Covid, wars, civil unrest herald end of times!"

Is there truth to any of these claims? Hmmm....

We are in the last week of Jesus, Not Another Like Him. We have had front row seats of the life and ministry of our Lord...learning from his love, compassion, wisdom, selflessness, devotion to the Father, miraculous signs and masterful teaching. What did Jesus say about end times? Lean in.


Just before the gospel writers chronicled the events of the Passion Week in Jerusalem, Jesus told of future things. He spoke first of the coming destruction of the Temple, which happened in A.D. 70 when Rome destroyed Jerusalem, which seemed unimaginable when he said it. Then writers Matthew, Mark and Luke captured what Jesus had to say about his second coming. To read those passages:

In addition to the words of Jesus, Old Testament prophets spoke of end times and of course, John in the book of Revelation, added more detail. I have compiled a brief overview of what is to come, because as Paul said we are not to be ignorant of these things.

from Jesus’ heart to yours:

My dear child,

I am coming back for you. People of this twenty­ first century are funny about the future­­--on the one hand, some are absolutely committed to reading their horoscopes in order to get an idea of what they might encounter for the day or the month, others consult psychics to help them plan their futures. . . and yet, when My people talk about biblical prophecy and Scripture's discussion of the end of times, folks call them 'quacks' or 'religious fanatics'. I have created you with both a sense of wonder as well as a sense of purpose and are meant for another world, and it is right that your life should be oriented toward that destiny.

I want you to know I will come back and gather My people to myself. First, there will be strange goings­ on in the sun, moon, and stars­...­this will be a sign for you. Then you will look up and see Me, the Son of Man coming on a cloud, with power and great glory. It will be magnificent! First, I will come for those who walked with Me. (Some call this the Rapture which is derived from the Latin word rapare or raptus, 'to be caught up' or 'snatched away'.)

My servant Paul gives an excellent description of the Rapture, "For the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven with a shout... and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. (1 Thessalonians 4.16­-17) Note: this is not My second coming; in the Rapture, I will come FOR the church, but in the second coming, I will come WITH the church. By the way, when the rapture happens, your bodies will be changed, 'in the twinkling of an eye' from the earthly bodies you now possess to heavenly bodies ­ as Paul said, "for our dying bodies must be transformed into bodies that will never die; our mortal bodies must be transformed into immortal bodies." (1 Corinthians 15.53 NLT) Victory over sin and death come through Me, my child!

After the Rapture, the great tribulation will grip the world. (Don't worry now, you will be with Me; you will not experience the horror of these seven long years.) The tribulation is mentioned in Scripture in a number of places­--­Daniel 8.19, 12.1; Matthew 24.21­-22; Revelation 6­.19, and in prophecies in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Nahum and Zephaniah.

What is the tribulation? Revelation 14.10 refers to the great tribulation as the indignation and wrath of My Father. It will be a horrific time. The Antichrist will come to power during this time, coming to prominence through a plan for world peace. Unfortunately, the world will be deceived by him­,­ taken in by his smooth ways. . . at first. He will overhaul the commercial system and everyone will be assigned a number (either on right hand or forehead) or they will not be able to buy or sell. (Revelation 13.11) The Antichrist will be the pawn of the devil and do his bidding. At the very end, just before My second coming, he will try to elevate himself above My Father and I, making his true colors clear. He will make a pact with Israel, (Daniel 12.11), and do things in his name alone; before the end, those who had not previously accepted Me, but did so during the tribulation, will have to hide from him.

At the end of the tribulation, I will return and set up My rule on earth­­ for a thousand ­ year period; folks refer to this period simply as the "millennium". While that will be a time of great peace, it will be followed by one final battle staged by Satan­­--but of course, he will be defeated, bound and forever confined to the lake of fire, Revelation 20.10. After that, the Judgment for those who rejected me; but for you, My beloved . . . Heaven--the home I have prepared for you. No beauty, no grandeur, no wondrous sight in nature has prepared you for what you will experience in the New Jerusalem. There will be no darkness, crying, war, pain, sin, loneliness, guilt, divorce, terrorism or disaster in My home; you will be safe, you will be with Me and it will be what you have always longed for ~ home.

So I take you back to the words I spoke to My disciples:

Be ready for My return.

Be watchful, be expectant.

Live like it could be tomorrow!

[Note­: there are no unfulfilled prophecies that need take place before Jesus returns]

Jesus will come again, splitting the sky, coming in the clouds.

Bearing this in mind, I believe Jesus would say to us:

Pursue Me as you never have before~~ take Me with you where you go. Tell others how I love them and what I mean to you so that they may know Me too.


This song captures so much: The Lion and the Lamb, Big Daddy Weave,

With love,


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