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When you get a letter from Heaven.

Greetings, Friends!

I wonder what it was like for the Father looking down from Heaven, as Jesus drew his first breaths as a babe, cried and then nursed at the breast of his young mother. No doubt, God smiled, thinking of the 'why' behind it all. 

And over the years, I have wondered what Jesus would say to me and you right now, no matter that we have been caught up in the fuss and the muss of the holiday, surrounded by family or perhaps all alone, mixed feelings that Christmas is over. Imagine with me that you go to your mailbox today, expectant of a few more greeting cards, and amongst them, find a letter postmarked "Heaven".

'What in the world could this be?' you think and tear open the envelope.

Perhaps you would find a letter that reads something like this...


Dear Child,  


A blessed Christmas to you! Just as the townspeople of Bethlehem missed my birth all those years ago, it would be easy for you to get through Christmas and miss me, too. 


But I do not want that for you. If you miss Me, you will also miss the gifts of my birth: true joy and the peace only I can give you - way down deep inside. Oh, I know the way is really rough for some of you--Christmas without your dear one, financial struggles, health challenges, uncertainty at work--many things unsure . . . 

Take heart, you are not alone.  

I am as near to you as you will let me be, 

and I am for you.

 Come to me, and I will give you rest.1

  Do not let not your heart be troubled--I am offering you my peace.2 

Consider my gifts to you and you will discover peace, you will unlock joy.


Ah, Child, just in case you were wondering . . . those were strange sensations I experienced, born of Mary, that night so long ago. I came a long way to bring a new way - salvation to all people. But nothing prepared me for the pain I experienced on the cross at Calvary. Worse than the physical pain was when my Father turned his back on me, as I bore all of the sin of mankind in my being. I had never known such isolation or loneliness. I went through it with you on my mind. Of course, the story didn't end there--I did what I said I would do--I awakened from the dead and walked away from the grave. I am alive.


If you want to really know me, read the Holy Scriptures, my tangible gift. Read the words of the prophets, the inspired words of the poet, David--read the words I spoke. You will find wisdom, instruction, inspiration, correction, truth, comfort - why, they are the very words of life! [Unsure of where to start reading? How about the gospel of Mark?]

I have another gift for you, Travis, Hakim, Buntha, Megan...; it is brotherhood, a place of belonging - relationship with others who call themselves mine. Some call it fellowship; nothing compares to it really until you are in Heaven with me. If you are not experiencing it, you are missing out. Find some people who love Me to do life with - you will not regret it, I assure you.

->>>I am a simple prayer away. If you do not have a relationship with Me, you could say something like this--Jesus, I believe in you, that you are the Son of God. Please forgive me of my sins. I want you to lead my life--I want to follow you. Please show me how. Amen. 

Best thing ever, right there. 

This world can be a lonely, wretched place. Reach out and discover how life with me transforms everything. Hmmm...

May the blessings of Christmas continue into the New Year,


p.s. I love you

Carrying Christmas in our hearts,


1 - Matthew 11.28-29

2 - John 14.27

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