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Lord, we need the words to pray

On Friday, I boarded a westbound plane to see my boy Dylan in Utah. [trail in Alta pictured ] Gotta admit - still strange to fly from east to west, from a Southern home to someplace else… And while I have had many cross-country flights in the last year and a half, so many have been in relative silence because everyone is masked up; this time was different. Was able to have several meaningful conversations. The first lady was returning home from the North Carolina beach to St. Louis, Missouri. We spoke of Afghanistan, we spoke of goings-on in the world… somewhere along the line, she asked what I ‘do’ - when I told her, she said, ‘so you must pray a lot.’ I nodded. ‘Yes, Ma’am, I do. I spend time praying first thing in the morning, but then I pray throughout my day--especially now.’ Then I turned and looked her in the eye, ‘I just wonder what in the world people do when they do not have prayer, when they do not have God in their lives,’ kinda fishing for a response to know about her faith. ‘Oh yes, a higher power is definitely helpful today,’ she said. ‘Mmmmhmmm,’ I thought…‘a higher power?’ Takes more than that.


Fact is, we need God today, and sometimes a little borrowed creAtivity is in order. So, here is a prayer to start your week, my friends - Dear Heavenly Father, As I stop to focus and I pray, I look to you. Honestly, I know I really need you, but sometimes I do not even know what to say to you or how to start. Guess I will just start with the Our Father… ‘that be okay with you, Lord? Our Father who art… Ah yes, my Father in Heaven, Hallowed be your name … Lord, your name is holy--it is reverent, beyond any name I know here on earth. I just want to connect with you today, God, because I know that you are big, you are good, you are great and all powerful, and I know I need you in my life--even when I go about my daily life as though I don’t. Thy kingdom come …It is clear this world isn’t going to last forever, and You are going to have your say, you are going to have your way, and so I say even now, ‘Come, Lord Jesus! Draw people to yourself.’ Your will be done - You sure will do a better job than we are doing now, Lord! Won’t you please be merciful in parts of the world that are under siege, like Afghanistan, like Louisiana . . . for those whose lives have been rocked by disease, devastated by storm, decimated by economic collapse…how we need You! On earth as it is in heaven - God, turn peoples’ hearts toward you. Stop evil men in their tracks, Lord God, as only you can do--whether around Kabul Airport, in homes that harm children, in government or even spiritual positions… O God, come and reign powerful, mighty, holy and all-loving. Give us this day our daily bread - While I will not lack food today, I certainly have daily need of you, and so I surrender my will to yours, that I might receive from you this day what I need to live my best for you. [For each who is praying, perhaps the daily need looks a little different--love, peace, joy, assurance, hope, purpose . . . give to each of us what we need, I pray Thee] Would you grant me your wisdom and blessing? Would you allow me to hear your voice leading me? I will listen. Lord, I lift up those I know who need healing from you ____, _____, _____ I ask you to draw my family members to yourself... Lord! Step into their paths just like you stepped into the apostle Paul's so they will see their need of you and how meaningful life is with you. And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors - Lord, please forgive me of my sins…idle words spoken; bitter, unforgiving thoughts, things I ought have done, but did not - things you prompted me to do, but I ignored. And then remind me that in order to be forgiven, I must forgive. Lord, I have need of Your hand in my life; I am not as strong or loving or peaceful without you. So thank you for being interested in everything I even think about! Thank you for your generous gifts starting with creation ... the skies, birds, ocean, mountains, tall trees, flowers, children . . . I thank you, Lord, for hearing this prayer. It is in your mighty name I pray all of these things, Amen so be it Christine Check out this song: Dear God ~

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