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Hope! is coming. December, 2020

This is my favorite time of year without a doubt, but I will admit it feels a little different this year. Hmmm. We were hopeful of a ‘normal’ Christmas season which does not seem likely now. Already weary we were and now hope got sucked right out of us!


Let’s get it back . . . Christmas is all about hope, so let’s not waste a minute of this season.

Some Christians recognize and participate in a season of Advent … but what is it anyway? Advent revolves around the anticipation of Christ’s coming - the first time as a baby, born to save the world and coming again ~ the Blessed Hope of all who trust in him.

A brilliant insight: “The celebration of Advent is possible only to those who are troubled in soul, who know themselves to be poor and imperfect, and who look forward to something greater to come."1 Well, that has certainly been me at times, troubled in soul - and yes, certainly imperfect... and daily looking forward to something greater to come! So, yes - Mr. B, sign me up for Advent!

Segue. For Alyssa’s fifth birthday celebration this weekend in North Carolina, we used a helium tank to fill Elsa and Anna balloons. It made me think - if only it were that simple to refill ourselves with hope! Perhaps it is. We just need to know what to do, right? Interestingly enough, some of us are about as empty as those mylar balloons until connected to the helium tank. And for the helium to flow into the balloon, a straw may be required to open the filling tab of the balloon … such symbolism . . . that’ll preach!

Truly, that’s like us - we need to open ourselves

up to the Lord in order to be refilled!

Your attention? This of course will require something of us. It will require us to obey God who said:

Be still, and know that I am God.2

Since these are the first days of Advent ~ centered on hope!, let us make room for the Lord and prepare our hearts for the perfect Christmas babe. And since Christmas celebrations always include music, I bring this song I just found, Prepare Him Room, attached to the podcast. Be still and listen. Link:

Pray: God of hope, help us be still ~ to quiet our phones and devices, to look to you with open hearts and yearning spirits. During this Advent season, we want to make room for you. We will watch for you, open your Word, just longing to hear from you. Our hope is in you, Messiah, who came as a babe, who is our coming King! Amen.

Hope is coming!

God proves to be good to the man who passionately waits,

to the woman who diligently seeks.

It’s a good thing to quietly hope,

quietly hope for help from God.

Lamentations 3.25-26, The Message

with love,


1 Dietrich Bonhoeffer a brilliant man of God who died a martyr's death at the hand of the Nazis, immortalized in the best biography I ever read by Eric Metaxas.

2 Psalm 46.10

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