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Heaven…a little more detail

John 14.1-3; Revelation 21.10-21 ~ John #69

So what is Heaven like?

In Heaven, there is no sickness or pain or suffering.

There are no addictions, no broken bones, no hospitals—

There will be no separation from loved ones . . . ever.

No loneliness, anger, or fear

No death or worry or hard feelings

There is no darkness, only light.

We will finally be as God meant us to be

And at last, we will know what it’s like to be “Home”

My interest in Heaven has grown exponentially for several reasons--I know my mother is there, and I miss her so much. I often visualize what she is doing . . . Another reason is that I read a fascinating book a few years’ back that was quite provocative. The book: 90 Minutes in Heaven. Totally skeptical, I picked the book up a number of times before I finally bought it. Here’s the story—a minister was leaving a conference in the Midwest, in a driving wind and rainstorm, when he was in a horrific car accident. Pronounced dead at the scene by four different sets of paramedics, the professionals moved on to others who had a chance to live.

Another pastor, also leaving the conference, happened onto the tragic scene, and felt compelled by God to stop and pray for the man in the mangled car. He somehow climbed into the back of the small car, behind the driver’s seat of the ‘deceased’ and alternately prayed for the man, and sang to him. This was most unusual for him, but he obeyed the voice that he heard urging him to pray and sing. How shocked he was when the dead man started singing along with him! While Piper confesses that words fall dreadfully short of describing what he experienced . . . I will tell you this—his account captured me! [There are several more resources listed at the end of this briefing]

In the last several years, I have spent time interviewing a gentleman I met, (now a friend), about his experience in Heaven, also a result of a catastrophic accident—his, a motorcycle accident. As with all accounts of the supernatural, each must be looked at in light of Scripture. Both of these accounts stand up.

Heaven is real … it is big, it is beautiful, full of love and I cannot wait to be there with Jesus—forever. Amen.

5/Prayer: God, I thank you that you have made a place that I will live with you forever. Help me to live this day in light of eternity with you. Praise. Repent. Ask. Listen. Thank him for his good gifts.

5/Worship: song-God, I look to You.

This song will focus you solely on God, our Strength.


[Do you want to read more about Heaven? ‘Love Anne Graham Lotz’ little book Heaven: my Father’s House. Perhaps the foremost authority on Heaven is Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven. Two other credible ‘experiencing of Heaven’ accounts: Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo, and this amazing book: Imagine Heaven by John Burke.]

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