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God speaks: through the miraculous!

Wondrous. It is kind of an outdated word, I guess, but then I am intrigued by words and how we use them, and sometimes wonder why they become passe. Scripture employs the word ‘wondrous’ to describe acts of God throughout ancient days, reminding us to tell others of his great and mighty deeds. Consider King David’s words in Psalm 105: Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works! This is the time of year when we recall the wondrous birth of Jesus Christ, but on a personal level, I am about to mark the two year anniversary of a wondrous act of God in my life. I pray it will encourage you that our God still does wondrous things!

click here to listen to the podcast version of this Morning Briefing It happened on a late Wednesday afternoon, December 9th, 2020, as I pulled my newish SUV into my garage, gathered my belongings and got out. But the XT4 started moving ! Now I need to emphasize right here that I was not distracted in any fashion--not multi-tasking, not talking on the phone, not in a hurry. The car had slipped into Reverse, so it was not just rolling, it was in gear with the driver's door open. I tried to turn the steering wheel so it would not hit the car at the curb across the street -- to no avail. Within nano seconds the open door jammed against the garage doorframe, and as I threw my arm out, it was cut open from wrist to elbow on a metal bracket.

Because it was in gear, the car kept working to free itself, and eventually it did. The Cadillac door hinges broke and the front quarter panel buckled - grabbed me and pulled me down the driveway and ran over me. Yes, it happened quickly, but I knew I was about to be run over, which I relived over and over. My thoughts: I am about to be run over, I might die, Okay, Lord. The vehicle ran over my right buttock, lower middle back, left foot/lower leg and over the inside of the torn left arm, not stopping until it 'totalled' the small car at the curb across the street. Within minutes, various emergency vehicles were on scene, and I was transported to the nearby hospital trauma department. Even while my body involuntarily went into shock, shaking from head to toe, I was breathing out 'thank you, Lord; O God, thank you'. I knew he had me--even if I was to see him face-to-face right then. At this wondrous time of Christmas, here's where you come in: >do you know God has you in his hand? >do you fully trust him - with all of who you are? >are you at peace? There is nothing in all of the world like the peace of God. So what was discovered by the trauma team at Mission Hospital as they cut all my clothes off of me, even my brand new festive red shirt? They discovered what I already knew - he who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.1 They discovered that though the 4,000 pound car left many marks on my body, I did not have a single broken bone. How is that possible when the car sprung from the garage doorframe, knocking me down on the driveway, dragging me to the sidewalk? And again, I think of a verse I quote so often: 'he will cover you with his feathers and under his wings, you will find refuge.' The next line: 'his faithfulness will be your shield and your rampart.'2How I love Psalm 91! Though I was violently knocked to the ground, my head never hit the pavement. It defies any rational explanation. But then, who gets run over and talks about what is rational? Not me, that's for sure. Once I knew I was going to be just fine - while I was yet lying in the trauma unit - I thought, I am never going to live this down. I mean, who runs over themself? I anticipated the jokes, especially from my boys, 'Grandma got run over by a reindeer...' Yup, I did. My own reindeer. I thought about the times my body has ached all over with fibromyalgia and I have said, 'Shoot, I feel like I've been hit by a truck.' Well, I have! And its okay. Smile. Getting run over has earned me the right to press in and ask you again: >do you know God has you in his hand? >do you fully trust him - with all of who you are? >are you at peace? There is nothing in all of the world like the peace of God. Honestly, there is no reason whatsoever that should keep you from walking in the truth of these three things--God has you, he can be trusted with all of who you are, and he alone is the source of peace. So allow me to say a prayer for us~ Prayer: Lord . . .God? Maker of Heaven and Earth: While we know in our minds that nothing is impossible with you, we do not often live it out with our wills. May we trust you and give all of ourselves over to who you are, giving up our perception of control, placing our hand in your hand, and walking in your provision for us. O God, I pray for my friends who are hurting right now--for those who are grieving this Christmas, may they look to you and find comfort. For those who need your healing touch, like Timbo, Pam and Big Al, I boldly ask you to extend your hand of healing. For those who feel far from you, may they reach out for you, because you promise to be found by them. In your perfect, powerful name "Jesus"~ Amen. I love you each, I truly do Christine Song: All is Well, Carrie Underwood and Michael W. Smith. Also at end of podcast 1 - Psalm 121.4 2 - Psalm 91.4

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