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"Christine, why should I read the Bible? And who the heck is Paul, why should I care about him?"

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Hello! Of all the things you could choose to read or devote your attention, one stands alone - the Bible. In these Morning Briefings, we are going to study what could arguably be called 'the greatest letter ever written', but it is not so easy to digest. So, why study tough stuff, especially when you could do something else like catch up on sports news, check Facebook, read your romance novel, listen to a podcast or scroll on your phone?

Straight up--all of those things are fleeting, they have no lasting value. Scripture endures. I have oft been asked, 'Why read the Bible? I have a hard time understanding it, and it takes a lot of work ... so, what's the point?' Because "The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of God stands forever."1

Simply put, the Bible has the ability to change our lives because it is God speaking to us the things he wants us to know--important truths like

->Who he is

->how he feels about us

->how we got here

The Bible tells us

->God wants to have a relationship with us

->his Son, Jesus Christ, made relationship with God possible

->the Bible lays out God's purpose for our lives

->the best way to live, how to treat people, what's right and what is wrong

->Jesus Christ is coming again

->the destiny of those who have relationship with him

->the fate of those who reject him.

People read the Bible for both information, direction and inspiration, and find it filled with more than they can ever fully comprehend. Truly, there is nothing more worthwhile to read than the wisdom in the pages of the Word of God.

What exactly is contained inside the covers of the Bible?

Sixty-six books-39 in the Old Testament, written in Hebrew, spanning 1500 years; 27 books in the New Testament, written in Greek, covering about 80 to 90 years. The Bible was God-inspired, or as the Greek word Paul used for 'inspired' indicates, 'God breathed'.2 One of the ways we know that the Bible is true is that even though it was written by 40 different authors, there are no contradictions. Amazing!

The main thing to know is that the Bible is what it purports to be . . . TRUTH. It is the Word of God, regardless of what a person may think about it. It is supported by archaeological evidence, fulfilled prophecy, historical and scientific evidence. And I have noticed that those who read the Bible, seek to understand and apply it,

are radically changed by it.

Why does it have the power to change us? As our friend Paul wrote to young Timothy, "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work."2

Yes, Sir, the Bible is worth our time and effort to understand its content. But here's some truth: as I have been looking at the first two chapters of Romans once again, I admit to you that parts of it are not easy to grasp, but then neither is the history of God's people always relatable (Old Testament)

Good news or bad news? The Bible tells it like it is. Now if I were writing the Bible, I would leave out the mess-ups and sins of our would-be heroes--not God. Take David, who we all loved as a shepherd then anointed king who commits adultery and then kills the woman's husband! Seriously?! But after that, God still refers to him as 'a man after his own heart'.3 Fact is, we are all sinners, and so were they--but God's graces pursues us.

And why in the world, some of you are wondering, is knowing about Saul, or is it Paul, so important? This captures my sentiments well: I owe my life to the gospel of Jesus — and no one has taken me deeper into the mysteries of the gospel than Paul. And after the Lord Jesus himself, no one has won my admiration more.4 Paul wrote 13 out of the 27 books in the New Testament, each one a letter to Christ followers in different towns or regions. Unbelievably, his ancient writings have application to us in our modern day, which we will see in the very first chapter of Romans.

When I get to Heaven one day, after I see and hug my mother, the next person I'll be looking for is Paul. Brilliant mind, creative, tenacious, a gifted communicator, sold-out Christ-follower who did whatever it took to show and convince people of the truth and reasonableness of the gospel--Paul. Did I say humble? Yeah, that too.

O, so much to glean from the precious words of the Bible. Draw us, O Lord, to Your Word which is a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path.5 Amen.

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1 - Isaiah 40.8

2 - 2 Timothy 3.16-17

3 - 1 Samuel 13.14; Acts 13.22

4 - John Piper

5 - Psalm 119.105

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