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An Introduction

Introduce someone to Jesus, introduce him to PURPOSE.

Suppose with me for a minute, won’t you? Suppose you gave “The Pathway to Purpose” to a friend . . . and suppose he stopped by your office and said, ‘there was a lot of good stuff in that writing--stuff I can use, but there is only one problem.’ ‘Problem?’ you ask, ‘what are you talking about?’ ‘See, I used to go to church, but just couldn’t relate to it, and stopped . . . to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if I am a Christian. Can you help me?‘

In the last couple weeks, I have heard of that scenario presenting itself: a friend becomes aware that a much-loved, much-respected coach seems to want more of God in his life . . . what to do? And then, at a high-level lacrosse tournament, another coach finds himself listening in to a Bible study for the players, and what he hears resonates with him—there are tears in his eyes as he realizes the very lessons he has instilled in his players are the same ones the Christian speaker is talking about—‘if that is what is in the pages of the Bible, that’s what I want! If that accounts for the character of some of these elite athletes, I want it! Can you help?’

Could you? Could you connect these individuals with the very most important thing in life—the most important thing in this life and the next?

Beginning with “A Desperate Plea for Purpose” and then “Pathway to Purpose,” I have built the biblical foundation for ascertaining and living out a life of purpose. but the first and most important step in living with purpose is entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Picture with me the scene of the coaches above—both of them are waiting for someone to tell them how to know God. To the first, I said, ‘You don’t have to go to a class, you don’t have to go to confirmation, you don’t have to join a church or even go to church for that matter, it is really very simple.’ ‘Yeah….go on, he said.’ Of course, I did.

Entering into a relationship with God is simple, but radical. To become a Christian involves an understanding that: >Jesus is who he said he was—the Son of God >He died on the cross to pay for our sins—a debt we could not pay ourselves,  >and we want him to be the leader of our lives.

Jesus said, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice, and opens the door, I will come in …”* Simple. Radical. Life-changing. Eternity making.

The best picture I have for life is that of a funnel—it is where all of who we are comes together—body, soul, mind, and spirit.

Indulge me a moment. Deciding we want more, we orbit the top of the funnel, searching, and then, once connected by relationship with God (through Christ), we are now on the first ring inside the funnel. [sometimes though, people do not get off the top of the funnel—they go in circles, looking for meaning, looking for fulfillment, and coming up empty . . . sad]

On the other hand, once connected to Jesus, we are able to grow in our relationship of faith and understanding; all of life becomes clearer—yes, we indeed were created for relationship with our Creator! (down another ring in our symbolic funnel) We are becoming who we are meant to be. We realize we were designed with unique talents, and given gifts to serve God, and as we do, (down another ring in the funnel), we serve others, (notice our rings are getting smaller, more specific, more individual). All the while, our eyes of faith are getting stronger, our life of faith becomes our sustenance . . . we are learning to follow God, trust him, seek him for all things, and become like him. What an adventure!

Just suppose you were the one standing next to one of the coaches I mentioned, could you have introduced him to the Leader of your Life, Jesus? Oh, yes, you could. Again I say, sweet. Again I say, just do it.


* Revelation 3.20

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