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A Message from God. 20/20 vision.

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

“As you move further into this new year, I, your Father, have something to say to you, Child ... may I have your attention for five minutes?”

But first~

Friends, this Morning Briefing comes out of my relationships ~

One fellow who just lost his lifelong mate

A young man who is trying to hang onto hope

Another who is in prison for some bad decisions

A wife of many years left to clean up the messes of her husband

Businessmen who have faith, but are anxiety ridden just the same…

Some who are asking ‘Why get up in the morning?

  Is there really hope?

After all … what is the purpose of all of this anyway?’

I went to God with all of you in mind, asking for his heart and a way to communicate it to you.  

With pen in hand, this is what I heard:

“My child, I want to draw you into truth, which always flows from Me.  You throw out your fishing poles looking to catch something that will satisfy, looking to catch something that will give your life meaning, looking for something that will fill you, looking for comfort.  Look no further. I am all you need.  I alone satisfy the longing soul and I fill the hungry soul with good things.1

As for what is the purpose of all of this, of life itself?  Let’s start at the beginning of man’s most important questions: 

~>How did I get here?                                                                                                ~>Why I am here?                                                                                                      ~>Is there anything after this life?  Step a little closer.

In the beginning . . . before I made anything, I was alive.2 I always existed because I Am an eternal being, but then, I created.  Indeed, all living things had their start in Me.  Every flower, every magnificent sunset, every flying bird, snowy moutaintop, crashing ocean wave and rippling stream ~ each originated in Me. Though they were good, what was missing was you.  And so I created you in My image,3 (that is an amazing thing…yes, I created you in My image), you are stamped with the divine, bound for eternity.  Why, I have put eternity in your heart!4

Because I designed you, every unique detail even before you were conceived,5 you are anything but an accident!  Neither you nor any living thing just randomly or spontaneously happened.6

How did you get here, Child? I created you with intention.

Why are you here?  I created you for relationship with Me, first and foremost – that you may know Me, even as I know you.7 It really is so simple.  All other relationships you have will fall short, meaningful though they may be. You will expect others to fill the void you have inside that is meant for Me alone; that’s not fair to them and it makes you the center of the universe.”   More to come…

Perhaps you have put any kind of relationship with the Lord on the back burner, so many other things taking priority.  And yet, you miss him.  At one time, you walked with Jesus, where to begin again?  Perhaps at the dawn of a new year, you are ready to experience relationship with Jesus, what to do?  Or perhaps you’ve made a mess of your life, and you need his love, his wisdom, his presence.  He is available.

See here’s the thing:  Jesus knows everything about you. Nothing about you will shock him, nothing that you have done will cause him to reject you.  

In Jesus, fully known.                                                     

In Jesus, accepted completely.8

Do you want to experience him?  You can… right now!

Your turn to talk if you want:  “Jesus, I Give You My Life.” 

And then she dropped the mic.          Until tomorrow


1 - Psalm 107.9

2 – Genesis 1.1, John 8.58                    

3 – Genesis 1.26-27

4 - Ecclesiastes 3.11

5 – Psalm 139.13-14

6 - Colossians 1.16

7 - John 17.3

8 – from Erwin McManus, A New You: 2020 Optics,

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