Sunday Night Live

What is Sunday Night Live?
Sunday Night Live is a one-of-a-kind, Christian gathering for high school students that meets every other week at San Clemente Presbyterian Youth Room, 119 Ave. de la Estrella, San Clemente, 92672. Our purpose is to create an experience that is fun, safe, and inspirational for teens who are wanting the opportunity to be together, and also craving a chance to grow their faith in God.

What Happens at S.N.L.?
Each week is unique, depending on theme, but always includes worship music, food, a challenging message, and prayer for our high school(s) and our city.

What makes S.N.L. Unique?
SNL is independent of any church, and welcoming of students from any church, or no church at all! One goal is to keep the environment non-threatening for teens unfamiliar with a church setting or ill at ease in one. The standard for the group and the message put forth is a biblical one, but not a doctrinal one—just Christian. 


Who Runs S.N.L.?
The visionary is Christine DiGiacomo, who has been involved in various aspects of ministry for 19 years. She has a “dream team” of several other adults who love God AND teenagers, and want to be involved with this endeavor. SNL also has a core of student leaders who meet weekly, are involved in decision-making, and ‘spreading the word’ about SNL and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) on campus.

How did S.N.L. come to Be? In the late spring of 2011, Christine was asked to get an FCA ‘huddle’ established at the high school, and tried 

to find the right ‘coach’ to lead the endeavor. When none was found, she decided to get it started, and see what happened. The student athletes preferred Sunday night meetings because there were no team practices on that night.

Our official fall launch was on September 11, and we had 63 students at our first meeting at Riviera Beach. (So cool!) It was clear that we were on to something! However, there was interest among non-athletes as well, so we opened the door to all high school students, and changed the name to “Sunday Night Live.” Week four drew more than a hundred students, with nothing but interest for more. 

In addition, the student leaders applied to be an on-campus club. On Club Rush Day, Fellowship of Christian Athletes at SCHS drew the most interest of all of the clubs, with about 150 students signing up to take part. Indeed, our first lunch meeting drew more than a hundred students, who tried to squeeze into Room 303 . . . it was so exciting! We had a silly ‘ice-breaker’ activity, two students told their personal ‘God stories’, and we prayed for SCHS. The rest is history, as they say. It is amazing to have freshmen through seniors, male and female, dancers and football players, finding their common ground in faith and friendship.

So, two experiences—
>Fellowship of Christian Athletes-meets every other week on campus at lunch. 
>Sunday Night Live-meets every other week from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at SCPC Youth Room, San Clemente.

Who is Christine DiGiacomo?
Christine is a Bible study teacher, corporate pastor to an international company, and the executive director of Pastorwoman Corp., a global non-profit ministry which sends Bible studies, mostly via e-mail into 124 countries, five days a week. She is a mother of four children between the ages of 15 and 31. She is actively involved at (Mariners) Ocean Hills in San Juan Capistrano, and is in the 13th year of leading a women’s Bible study called Women of Passion. She can be reached, where you can sign up to receive ‘Morning Briefings’ (via e-mail).

If you wish to make a (tax-deductible) contribution to the pizza, ice cream or Bible fund for Sunday Night Live or Fellowship of Christian Athletes, please contact Christine through the website, or mail a check payable to Pastorwoman Corp. to P.O. Box 1195, San Clemente, CA 92674. Thank you.



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Christine DiGiacomo is the executive director of PastorWoman Corp., a ministry whose sole purpose is to spread the love and Word of God locally, and around the world via the internet. Passionate about living the adventure of the Christian life to the fullest, she encourages others to do the same through Bible teaching, and powerful community outreach. 

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