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When God looks down from Heaven, what does he see?

State of the world, August, 2021.

As we look from side to side, as we watch the news, as we talk to colleagues and neighbors, we learn how people see things. But stop for a moment and think how. God. sees. things. as we spin toward Fall, 2021.

"How God sees things? Really, how presumptuous!" You say. Not at all. Reading the Word and knowing the almighty God of the Bible, we know several things about him: he is holy, all-knowing, ever-present, all powerful and perfectly loving.

What does God see? The psalmist says, God looks down from heaven on the entire human race; he looks to see if anyone is truly wise, if anyone seeks God.1


God sees that our culture is upside down right now. The other day, on an Instagram post from France, a woman mentioned how crazy it was that within her view two women were locked in an embrace and two men were kissing, but when she walked by without a mask, people stopped and yelled at her. That is upside down, Friends! Hear me a moment: I have gay relatives who I love; I have no need nor desire to judge them or spurn them, only to love them. But ... God’s Word is clear on homosexuality and his Word does not change. Listen, you and I are to lead with love. Period. At the same time, we must remember that God does not wink at sin, nor is he wishy-washy; we must be familiar with his Word as to what is sin--especially clear on our own.

In this vein, I know a mother of young children who has a younger, 20-something gay stepsister engaged to her partner. The younger willingly proffered she had no respect for her older sister or her values. Accordingly, the mother feels she must shield her children from the confusion that would be caused by this in-your-face gay sister. As a result, she is now being scorned by other family members, mocked for her puritanical values.

God sees the moral compass we hold in our hands is spinning out of control, rather than North being set on the righteous principles of Scripture. That is, of course, if we even have any sort of moral compass!

Can I be honest a moment? I have spent hours today thinking about and praying over these thoughts. People unsubscribe when I say things they do not like--a shot to the heart each time--people will unsubscribe today. But please understand that I have a responsibility to those who read these, especially those who do not have a deep understanding of the moral absolutes of the Word of God--the heart of an all-holy God. God said it in the Old Testament first and then in the New: Be holy, even as I am holy.2

"Oh, so you’re saying that Christians/Bible followers alone are responsible for living right before God?" Well, now, now - it is far broader than that. In his letter to the church at Rome, right out of the gate, Paul describes what we innately know at a very young age: “They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.”3

That is the reason it is so easy for a child to believe in God, friends! It is logical when you look around at creation as creation itself speaks of God! Ha, yesterday I looked out my back window: one of my golden girls (hen) was sitting in a mound of fluffy grass looking eye to eye with a squirrel. Neither backed down nor challenged the other, however both scurried away when one of my dogs charged at them. Creation. Beauty. Speaks of a Creator. Simple joy.

And yet Paul goes on to say that we have abandoned worship of that Creator God to worship the creature and even forsake natural relations between men and women… To read: Is it any wonder then that the earth seems to be spinning off its axis? Of course not.

You and I must know right from wrong and stand on right--again, not to preach, not to pronounce a judgment over anyone, but so we can live right ourselves. Far too many of us are wavering on our Christian values because society has deemed doing so as both compassionate and empathetic. The result: cognitive dissonance and emotional fatigue. We are worn out!

Beloved, let us love each other because love comes from God himself.4 Therefore, God sees and is heartsick over the threat to love and respect of all people in what is being put forward in (Marxist) Critical Race Theory. The media and big tech are working daily to use this agenda in schools, the government and the private sector to divide us by race--doing anything and everything to diminish godly values of humans made in the image of God; do not find yourself influenced.

God reminds you of this: Jesus is coming again - all prophecies have been fulfilled to set the stage. Here is what I know: when he comes, I want to be found serving him, worshiping him in spirit and truth…you?

When God looks down from Heaven, may he see a people with:

~a heart for him

~a love for others

~a desire for his Word

~a stand for right living

~a heart to serve others

~a mouth willing to share the good news

~one eye cast toward heaven awaiting his appearing!

And when I look from earth back to him, well here it is~

"God, I look to you": Jenn Johnson,


1 - Psalm 53.2

2 - Leviticus 11.44; 1 Peter 1.16

3 - Romans 1.19-20

4 - 1 John 4.7-8

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