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Bless you, dear mothers. Mother's Day, 2019

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Once a mother, always a mother ~ doesn't matter the ages of our children... how grown up or far away or even whether or not they are still living, because that is how God made us. Mothers deserve words of blessing. Solomon spoke such words,  "Strength and dignity are her clothing and she laughs at the days to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed, her husband also and he praises her. Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all."                                                                                                     Proverbs 31 

Love this poet from days of old: BLESSINGS on the hand of women!

Angels guard its strength and grace.

In the palace, cottage, hovel,

Oh, no matter where the place;

Would that never storms assailed it,

Rainbows ever gently curled,

For the hand that rocks the cradle

Is the hand that rules the world.

Infancy's the tender fountain,

Power may with beauty flow,

Mothers first to guide the streamlets,

From them souls unresting grow-

Grow on for the good or evil,

Sunshine streamed or evil hurled,

For the hand that rocks the cradle

Is the hand that rules the world.

Woman, how divine your mission,

Here upon our natal sod;

Keep-oh, keep the young heart open

Always to the breath of God!

All true trophies of the ages

Are from mother-love impearled,

For the hand that rocks the cradle

Is the hand that rules the world.

Blessings on the hand of women!

Fathers, sons, and daughters cry,

And the sacred song is mingled

With the worship in the sky-

Mingles where no tempest darkens,

Rainbows evermore are hurled;

For the hand that rocks the cradle

Is the hand that rules the world. William Ross Wallace (1819-1881)

Beautiful, isn't it? This is my 13th Mother's Day without my mom, and I'm wondering if there is a celebration of a sort in Heaven for all the mothers... I just bet so. Remember how Jesus loved and honored his mother? Even while suffering on the cross, Jesus looked down at Mary and then asked John to take care of her - one of his last thoughts before dying.

Mothers are the first keepers of young souls; they shape  and mold  and hold  and love that which is eternal. Some excel and all of us struggle to a lesser or greater degree.

So here's a prayer: 

 Lord God, for mothers whose influence is so great, 

 I pray that you would bless us with your wisdom and compassion, 

 that we might love as you loved. 

 For those who miss their mothers so much, 

 and for those who have been hurt by mothers who have been less than,       O God, won't you mother them? Such need we have of you, dear Father!

Come and impart yourself to each of us, make up for whence we lack; heal where brokenness exists, and lend your love to all.

In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit~


  God Bless Mothers ~ we wouldn't be here without them,


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